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Pride Tie Style Face Masks

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Nose Wire

Do your part to stay safe and keep others safe by wearing these masks when doing an essential task.

All masks are 100% cotton made with pre-shrunk fabric. They are two layers with a pocket between to place a filter material of the wearer's choice. (These do not come with a filter) These masks come with a cotton tie that wraps around the back of the neck and ties at the top of the head. Machine wash hot. The regular style has no channel for a nose wire, so please select the option if you would like one.

The nose wire style mask comes with a channel made of bias cut cotton fabric. Each comes with a piece of 20 gauge wire with the ends taped for your comfort and safety. Place the mask on your face and pinch the sides of your nose to shape. This will help create an effective seal. Please always remove the nose wire before washing. You may then machine wash hot.

-These are NOT medical grade masks and no claims are made as to the effectiveness of these masks
-These are one size fits most
-These do NOT come with a filter!
-Please wash your mask before wearing!
-I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR THESE as it would be unsafe for me to do so

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